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My Top 5 Benefits of Homebirth

My top 5 benefits of having a home birth:

After doing some research and consulting medical professional, I found out that I am a candidate for home birth. I don’t have high blood pressure, no diabetes, no pre-exisitng conditions or any type of condition that would complicate labor and delivery. Also, after my experience at the OBGYN office, I knew for sure that I had to pursue giving birth at home.

Here are my top 5 benefits of having a home birth:


  1. I got to choose how my birth was going to be.
    • I was able to create my own birth plan with the help of my doula, set the atmosphere, flow and have my support system. As my doula states, Your birth, your baby, your way”. I took those words to heart. I was able to have total control over my birth experience and deliver my baby in a peaceful setting. I was able to sleep in between contractions, snack in between contractions. Most importantly, I had the freedom to move around, change positions, take a shower and simply be as comfortable as possible.
  2. I was not forced to have any medical intervention.
    • When I was in the labor process for the other three kids, at one point or another, a nurse was trying to force me to get an epidural. And this time around, I’m more than sure they would have pushed for a c-section. By giving birth at home, my midwife and doula were very calm, and they made sure to remind me that birthing is a natural process. My body knows what to do. This time around, no one tried to pressure any medical intervention on me. I didn’t even need any stitching. Also, I had the freedom to choose what intervention baby girl was going to receive, if any. For example, we were educated on the benefits of the vernix on her skin and chose to leave the vernix, as opposed to cleaning it off like they do in the hospital. I also got my placenta encapsulated, and able to take it with my other vitamins.
  3. I was able to choose my supportive network and medical staff.
    • For every birth (except this last one), my OBGN was not there to deliver the baby. Quite frankly, I can’t even tell you who was in the room. For my first born, there were a lot of random student doctors in the room. One of the students even stitched me up (I didn’t know he was a student at the time), and he actually overstitched me. That pain was worse than giving birth. This time around I got to choose who was in the room with me. My doula is a Christian, which is very important to me, and even offered to pray for me during labor. My midwife is brown and has a holistic approach. She gave me teas and tinctures to support me through my last leg of pregnancy.
  4. This homebirth was less expensive than a hospital birth.
    • Whether, I gave birth in a hospital or home, I would have had to pay everything out of pocket, due to insurance issues. The price I paid for the homebirth alone would have been the cost of the obgyn, not including hospital fees, other doctors and medical professionals involved.
  5. I was safe at home amidst COVID and risk for hospital infections.
    • We already know that pregnant mamas and newborns are vulnerable. Some people took this pandemic seriously, and some people didn’t. As for me and my house, we didn’t play that. So, we were going to stay our behind HOME! The amazing thing is that my midwife and doula can provide continuity of care in my home, so we definitely don’t have to go anywhere, but stay safer at home.

What were some of your experiences with hospital birth (good and/or bad)? Would you consider a home birth and why? Let’s sit and chat!