Sitting with Sylvie

Gotta Keep Pushing Through

These past few days have been so hard and stressful.. last few days of school, trying to manage the kid’s schedule, mom’s affairs, assessments for work, ministry and writing papers. I literally felt myself craving food to ease the stress.. and I have to admit that Sunday and Tuesday I stress ate like crazy! I really let myself down. I put myself down, but I realized that despite, my fall from grace, I’m still making progress.

In the past, stress eating was eating a couple of plates of mom’s rice and chicken – y’all know how big those plates are! A bowl of pasta… chocolate cake and soda… but when I look back at Sunday and Tuesday, I didn’t indulged on that level. This version of stress eating was me eating a granola bar, two spoons of rice and drinking the kids cup of juice – don’t judge me lol! Oh yea, I can’t forget the sliced vanilla cake from Walmart on Sunday. Nonetheless, progress is progress. I’m still working on being more disciplined, but I choose to appreciate the progress that I have been making. 

It’s Getting Easier…

It’s getting easier to accept the good and reject the bad- bad food, negative thoughts and bad habits. I wanted to cheat eat on Monday, but I had choir rehearsal,  and I knew that my choir members were going ask me questions about my meal plan and hold me accountable. I wanted to give them a good report for THAT day. I am very appreciative of the accountability. Everyone’s encouragement has been helping me to keep pushing through! As I sit and reflect, I realize that I have to get to a point where holding myself accountable means as much to me as it does to everyone else! Even though, I have high and lows in this wellness journey, I have to keep pushing through. I have to get to a point where I AM pleased with my progress, not perfection!

Here are a few tips that have helped me to keep pushing…

  1. Develop a plan of action.
    • Have you ever tried to start a new project or new goal, like losing weight, without a strategy? I know for me, without a strategy- like a meal plan- I can’t function. I would probably do well for a few days, but wouldn’t last for more than a few days, if I don’t have a plan in place. Having a plan can help you pace yourself to complete tasks and achieve goals. Develop daily routines, write out your to do list, map out your workouts for the week and challenge yourself to commit to keep pushing. You may miss a day, but that’s okay. Wake up tomorrow and try again. Remember, life happens, and things change, so don’t hesitate to reassess your goals and develop or revise your plan of action.
  2. Acknowledge your weaknesses.
    • Recognizing the factors that may cause you to quit pushing through is important. My personal weakness, when it comes to pushing through, is consistency and fear of failure. I have enough momentum to propel me for a week or two, and then I’m either over it or I allow other responsibilities take over my time. Also, I strive for perfection (I’m working on it), that the fear of failure or not being good enough takes over. I love change and progress, but I also love my comfort zone. Think about when you first started working out. Remember how sore your body felt when you first started. Well, sometimes, pushing towards change is uncomfortable. But as your body gets used to the exercises and starts to crave the burn, so will you. You’ll love how you’re progressing that thinking about your “comfort zone” will make you uncomfortable. I know where I what to be, but the road to progress requires work and consistency. It may feel uncomfortable to acknowledge your weaknesses, but it’s worth talking about it. Move through fear and get to where you need to go.
  3. Change your perspective
    • Do you know that mindset matters? How you view a thing will determine how you act and feel. I often have to challenge myself to acknowledge my progress, no matter how small it may seem. If you’re trying to learn a new language and today you only learned three new words, well celebrate. That’s three more words than you knew before. You may not be able to do 100 push ups today, but at least you were able to do 5 more than where you started. Progress is progress! Today, I challenge you to celebrate small wins.
  4. Use positive affirmation.
    • “YOU CAN DO IT, YOU REALLY CAN”– this is what I have to tell myself all the time. Watching others make progress and crush their goals, can feel intimidating. Sometimes, it causes us to minimalize our progress, talents and gifts, then we quit pushing to crush our own goals. You know where you are and where you want to be, and you know who you are and who you want to be. Sometimes, the roadblock between the two is what we say to ourselves. Negative thoughts stumps growth. You are able, you are powerful, you are important, and you are valuable! Talk to yourself every day. Override the voice in your head that diminishes your importance. Change your narrative and speak life over yourself!
  5. Just do it!
    • You know your why! Whether your trying to become healthy, get a new job or venture out into a new opportunity, whatever it is, go for it! Do you find yourself, going for an opportunity that doesn’t even match your skillset? You know you should be going for bigger and better, but you don’t feel good enough, so you settle. If pushing to “just do it”, means doing more research and educating yourself to be more knowledgeable, then do it and go for it! Opportunities are waiting. Doors are already open. Push through the resistance and fear of rejection or failure. You got this! God is with you; you will not fail!

Whether you set a goal, going through a life transition or trying to be remain disciplined, we all need to push through and be consistent. What strategies do you use to keep pushing through? Let’s sit and chat!