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    My Homebirth Journey

    My experience giving birth at home was dramatically different from giving birth in the hospital. If/when I get pregnant again, I would most certainly give birth at home again. It was such a peaceful experience. It flowed the way I envisioned, and the atmosphere was set with hubby’s prayers and my playlist (Maverick City, Jackson Chery and Rodlin Pierre on repeat). I was blessed enough to find the perfect doula and midwife and a supportive husband who made the experience that much more glorious.

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    Why I Chose a Homebirth

    I wrestled with the idea for months and then COVID hit! Witnessing how women were being cared for (or the lack thereof) in the medical setting was sickening. There were too many testimonies of women receiving subpar care at the hospital; one even got a c-section 5 weeks before her due date (her due date was misdiagnosed), and then she was discharged home the day after her c-section, and the baby had to stay in the hospital in NICU. And yes, she was African American.

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    My Top 5 Benefits of Homebirth

    My top 5 benefits of having a home birth: After doing some research and consulting medical professional, I found out that I am a candidate for home birth. I don’t have high blood pressure, no diabetes, no pre-exisitng conditions or any type of condition that would complicate labor and delivery. Also, after my experience at the OBGYN office, I knew for sure that I had to pursue giving birth at home. Here are my top 5 benefits of having a home birth:   I got to choose how my birth was going to be. I was able to create my own birth plan with the help of my doula, set…